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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

six months old

i can't believe how fast this little bean is growing up! i mean,the other day ian and i actually argued about whether or not we were going to buy her first car for her. maybe we should just focus on the fact that she is starting to become more mobile, and worry about the car later.

from day ONE this child was a spicy little pepper. even the nurses at the hospital couldn't help but comment on her "personality" (that's what people say when you have a screaming child). well, not much has changed since then. she still screams and cries and is now developed a sort of tantrum by kicking wildly and flinging her arms like a crazy kung fu artist. i'm surprised i don't have a black eye honestly.

and then, she has her sweet side. the side that loves to cuddle with mommy and caress my face as she falls asleep. the side that shoots a quick scrunch-nosed smile at you and offers a little giggle. i LOVE this child. she is my little stink.

Friday, September 10, 2010


i suppose I should start my blog out with a bang! what better way but to boast photos of my amazing off-roading vehicle "brody-ing" around the mountains of colorado! not only did we get to test the limits of this said vehicle, but we got to spend some quality family time bouncing around the rugged terrain. all in all, squezzing two men, two ladies, and four children ages three and younger, under one roof was, well...fun.

but when we found this scenery...the trip up was all worth it!

and getting to enjoy the solitude and beauty was refreshing (and apparently exhausting as well).