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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Super Simple Christmas Card Holder

I got my first Christmas cards in the mail today! YAY. I love getting Christmas cards. In the past, I have opened them, looked at them, then put them in a pile somewhere, never to be enjoyed again! This year, I wanted to change that...SO...I made a super simple Christmas card holder.

Step 1: Use a wreath of any size. I bought a small one for $1 at my new favorite store, The Dollar Tree.
Step 2: Find a pretty ribbon. Tie said ribbon onto your wreath.
Step 3: Gather your cards and some paperclips/wooden clippy-things (what are they called anyways?)
Step 4: Hang your creation.

Now I get to enjoy my friends' beautiful faces every time I go to the pantry...which is a lot. Best part about this...it was ONE DOLLAR. Cheaper than freedom folks (According to Team America, it costs "a-buck-o-five).

Yes, I used my own family Christmas card. It needed one extra card on there to look right...that why you all should send me Christmas cards, so I don't look like a huge narcissist. Thanks. 

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