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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm a skipper: Day 10

GASP. I didn't do a project yesterday. I have some exciting things going on right now and I got busy yesterday and din't get around to an actual project. I did however prepare for today's projects! I ran by a thrift store while I was out and found 4 large frames for 10 bucks. Woot! So, without further ado, another super simple project for Day 10.

I was looking around the big room and decided we desperately need things on the wall. I have no idea what I want to do with the big wall next to the fireplace, I might even splurge on something super cool, if I ever find it. That will probably mean leaving Alamogordo, which I find I rarely do. Strange. We already have our friend Nigel up behind the TV. Ian shot Nigel back in high school and his Dad brought it to us when his parents visited this summer. Nigel is an Antelope. I wanted to showcase Nigel a little more and I thought a frame would be perfect! I originally wanted to paint a square a different color that the wall behind the beast, then frame it...but I'm taking baby steps here. I may or may not paint it. I also need some decor for the connecting wall. I have plans to make two shelves and find some awesome hardware to hang them with at The Old Apple Barn up on the way to Cloudcroft. They have some seriously amazing iron work there. Anyways, I was scrummaging through some boxes and found one of Ian's targets from weapon's school. What better thing to display next to a dead animal, right? The steps and final product are below.

Step 1: find some frames. thrift them, re-use them, make them!
Step 2: sand (if they were painted/stained prior) and prime said frames, let dry.
Step 3: sand primer until smooth.
Step 4: paint frames. BOOM. done.

How much did this little project cost me, you ask? Each frame was $2.50, I had the primer and the paint tester, but for all intents and purposes, the paint was $3. SO...grand total is $8. Thankyouverymuch.

 Nigel now has a home...inside his very own frame.
please disregard the unfinished trim in these photos...do you expect anything less from me? it will get done eventually.

After I painted the frame, I tacked Ian's target poster on the back. And this will go up on the shelf behind the TV, once I make them of course :)

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  1. oh Nigel....i like him with the frame. much more dignified!