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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Three Days Worth of Projects!

You thought I gave up? No sir...I'm going alllll the way. I decided to throw all of these projects into one post because they are semi-related. Well, the first two at least. The second just took me an extra day.

Like I said in the previous post, I wanted to add some shelves next to Nigel, behind the TV. I decided on one shelf for now and may add another at some point. I like the one for now. I had gone up to The Old Apple Barn on the way to Cloudcroft with a friend a few weeks back and saw some awesome iron work and I was inspired to build a shelf. This place is filled with trinkets and cool gift ideas. The first time I went the most anal man of all time followed me and my friend around, making sure Piper and her daughter were not "ruining the merchandise," as he so delicately put it. They were literally carrying around stuffed dogs, being absolute angels...it could have been much worse. There are isles and isles of toys and tiny objects to destroy, but they displayed extreme self-control...beat it mean old man. I ventured up there the other day to purchase my iron L-brackets for the shelves -- here is a glimpse of the selection...

not sure why willow is trying to undress? 
So granted there are extremely cheesy horseshoes, gun-shapes, frogs, bear claws, etc...there are some diamonds in the rough up there. Remember, we are smack dab in the middle of retirement-ville. This place is a little pricey, but I really wanted a certain look and I had a birthday gift card burning a hole in my wallet. I knew the rest of the shelf would be free, so I felt OK spending $18 a pop on the L-brackets. The previous owners of our hose took on some weird, epic project in the back of our property and clearly never finished. They left tons of wood just laying around. Unfortunately it has all succumbed to the weather, but it gives me some awesomely distressed wood to use at my disposal.

Day 11 DIY shelf:
Step 1. Chose your wood. I used a 1x4x12 that i found in the back yard. You could buy a new one, they are about $6. I cut each piece at 3 feet, to make the shelf more deep. You could use any size piece of wood, depending on how deep you want it and also the size of your L-brackets. 
Step 2. Paint or stain. After it dried, I used some adhesive to make sure it was sturdy.
Step 3. Line up and screw on L-brackets.
Step 4. Level and screw into wall! Hopefully you have a nice husband like mine, and he helds you with Step 3 and 4! 

This project was a little more expensive that I would have liked, but some others have been free. I had the wood and the paint and the brackets were $18/piece. In total it was $36. I'm sure you could buy a shelf for less, but this one is custom. 

My next project is the vase in the final picture of the shelf. I needed something to put up there and all I had left was boring glass flower vases. I grabbed some paint tape and a can of spray paint and experimented. 

Day 12 DIY Striped Vase:
Step 1. Use an old flower vase or grab one at the local thrift store. (i see them there all the time for $2 or less).
Step 2. Tape off the pattern you want, I chose thick stripes. Make sure you really press the tape against the vase, I got some leaking.
Step 3. Spray paint...ideally not in the dark, like I did. Let dry.
Step 4. Remove tape and viola! a new vase. 

This was free! I already had the vase and paint. If you wanted to try it, you could probably do it for $5 or less. 

This next project isn't really related. I just finished it today, so it counts as my project for Day 13. I got the idea from my sister who made one a while back. I love the idea of growth charts, but some of them are just so stinking cheesy. I also don't want to start charting the girls' growth on a door frame, as I know this is not our permanent residence. Enter awesome pottery-barn inspired life-size ruler growth chart!

Day 13 DIY Growth Chart:
Step 1. Use a large board, I used a 1x6x6.
Step 2. Stain or paint your color of choice.
Step 3. Have a really nice sister who used her cricket to cut-out the numbers and hash-marks OR follow THIS
Step 4. Measure out your feet (1-6) first, then 6 inch marks, then 3' and 9'. Remember to measure the first foot from where you will be hanging it on the wall, IF you want to actually measure your kids accurately.  If it is just for looks, it doesn't matter. 
Step 5. Apply your numbers or draw them.
Step 6. Add a coat of polyurethane after 24 hours.
and there ya go!

The board was $6 at Lowes, I had the stain and poly from a previous project and my lovely sister made the cut outs for me! SO 6 BUCKS. Shwing. Now to begin charting the girls! What a fun and easy way! You can carry this from house to house. Now hopefully they don't grow over 6 feet...

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